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We walk together with our  families to nurture faith filled, engaged and successful learners.

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Newsletter 31st October Term 4, Week 3

An invite has been sent home this week for our Christmas Concert and family picnic, on Tuesday 10 December, starting with a picnic at 5pm and concert at 6pm. Each class, from Kindy to Year 6 will present an item, followed by class awards. 

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It’s what we do.

Such a fun filled return to  Kindy for the final Term. We have been busy in our cookie/ cake/ lolly shop making food and serving, putting on puppet shows, painting with plants, looking at mealworms and some silk worm cocoons, sifting sand to make it clean and more!
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We are committed to relationships.

Well done to ALL the interschool team, you were a credit to our school! Your sportsmanship and behaviour was exceptional. Special mention and congratulations to our Year 6s who came first in both team games, our Year 4s who won their relay
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We are responsible and

In Term Two, the school was involved in a Cyclical and Principal Review. As a result of the Principal Review, St Brigid’s School Board have been notified that Daniel Graves has been appointed for a second contract period of five years (commencing January 2020).

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We work with our parish to make Jesus present.

Please click on the link for all the Altar Serving Rosters and Children’s Sunday Liturgy Rosters.  Accessible via our school Facebook page is a group for Altar Servers to organise swaps etc.
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Important Dates

  • Wed, 13 Nov 19
    • Board Meeting
  • Mon, 18 Nov 19
    • T2W6
  • Wed, 20 Nov 19
    • PP & Year 1 Orientation Swap
  • Wed, 20 Nov 19
    • Choir/Specialist Assembly
  • Thu, 21 Nov 19
    • Nano Nagle Day Celebrations
  • Fri, 22 Nov 19
    • Presentation Sisters Award Nominations due
  • Sat, 23 Nov 19
    • Year 6 2020 (current Year 5) carwash fundraiser
  • Mon, 25 Nov 19
    • T4W7