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Online Ordering

We understand there are many times when you may need to provide cash to your child to pay for canteen lunch/recess orders and uniforms. But cash isn’t the only option in today’s world; which is why we want to make it convenient for you to make payments.

We have introduced CDFpay, which is a cash-free solution for our canteen & uniform store. This solution is an online payment platform offered by the Catholic Development Fund Melbourne (CDF).

We will be encouraging all parents to use this simple, cash-free platform in the future. Please be assured that we will not turn away parents/students who choose to pay via cash, however to ensure the success and drive the full benefits of this program we encourage your participation.

The benefits of our school going cash-free with CDFpay are:

  Greater security: a safer option where you don’t have to be concerned about your child losing cash from their bags and pockets.
Anytime, any device:  order and pay for lunches (while setting dietary needs & allergy requirements) from your mobile, tablet or computer at any time.
  Fast & easy payments: it allows credit card or bank transfer payments. Stored credit cards make the process of ordering lunch faster and easier than ever.
  Reduced administration: counting and handling cash is costly for the school. CDFpay will help eliminate admin fees so we can better distribute funds for other activities.

Download the parent guide of how to set up your account

The link you need to establish your account is

If you have any questions, please contact administration.


The Canteen aims to provide our students with a variety of interesting and nutritious food in accordance with the guidelines set by the Heart Foundation and the WA Canteen Association.