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Early Years Philosophy

St Brigid’s School Charter for Early Childhood Education (K-2)

Our Early Childhood Program aligns with our school vision, “To walk together with families to nurture faith filled, engaged and successful learners”. Families are the first and most influential educators. We aim to be an extension of the family for each child, providing safety, security, support and a genuine sense of belonging in a nurturing and caring environment. We partner with parents and aim to establish strong and supportive relationships between home and school and encourage families to be actively involved.

Adventure reflects the fun and joy of learning. We provide exciting and stimulating learning opportunities and experiences that are engaging and promotes a love of learning. We provide opportunities that challenge children and help them understand risk in a safe and supported environment. Purposeful learning occurs when children experiment with their environment and through social interaction. Both our indoor and outdoor environments encourage children to explore open ended experiences that extend their imagination.

Laughter is a loud smile. It reflects love, security and connection. We nurture and support the development of healthy relationships amongst our students. Well-being develops through nurturing and caring relationships between educators and students. Our students are encouraged to work collaboratively with their peers and educators to make meaning of the world. We aim to equip students with the skills to develop and build strong and meaningful relationships with their teachers and classmates.

Learning is becoming our best! Your child will be provided with experiences and opportunities that allows them to develop to their full potential in all domains: social, cognitive, emotional, physical and spiritual. Children learn through social interaction, inquiry, explicit teaching and play. Each child is unique and learns and develops at different rates- we know this and plan for this. Our staff have high expectations and a clear focus on student progress, achievement and outcomes. We support children in developing a sense of agency by encouraging them to make their own choices and decisions within learning experiences.

Keeping Safe: Child Protection Curriculum

The Department for Education and Child Development (DECD) has a legal responsibility to protect children and young people from abuse in its own settings and in the wider community, as a result, schools across Australia are required to implement a program to teach students about protective behaviours. Educating children about protective behaviours is designed to equip children with the knowledge and skills to act in ways that reduce the likelihood of abuse occurring and help them to report abuse and to seek help if abuse occurs, our school will be using a program called Keeping Safe.

The Keeping Safe Curriculum is a child safety program for children and young people from age 3 to Year 12. It teaches children to:

  • recognise abuse and tell a trusted adult about it
  • understand what is appropriate and inappropriate touching
  • understand ways of keeping themselves safe.

Topics that will be covered throughout the year include;

  1. The Right to be Safe
  1. Relationships
Feelings, being safe, warning signs, risk-taking and emergencies Rights and responsibilities, identity and relationships, trust and networks
  1. Recognising and Reporting Abuse
  1. Protective Strategies
Privacy and the body, recognising abuse, secrets, cyber safety Strategies for keeping safe, persistence.

Please click here for more information about what topics from the Keeping Safe Program will be covered in each year at St Brigid’s.


To provide the students of Collie and the surrounding areas with the very best educational program, underpinned by Christian values and spiritual development.